Exactor Suite

  • The Exactor Suite is a fully automated, end-to-end system to calculate sales and use taxes in all commercial environments and file tax returns in all jurisdictions.
  • Exactor calculates sales and use taxes at any point where taxes need to be calculated in real time, without impacting the sale transaction.
  • Exactor generates and files tax returns in all tax jurisdictions at all levels – state, county, city, local and special district taxes.
  • Exactor is one of the charter companies certified by Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) since 2006
  • Exactor processes billions of dollars in sales transactions each year.
  • Exactor files thousands of tax returns each month.
  • Leading providers across multiple industries trust Exactor to provide reliable accurate sales tax services to their clients.

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Satisfied Clients

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Calculate sales taxes accurately, reliably and seamlessly in online shopping carts, point of sale systems (POS) or financial accounting software for every state, county, city, or special district in the US and internationally.
File sales tax returns in every state, county, and city in the US. Just approve a simple sales tax summary and Exactor will prepare and file all of your sales tax returns and remit all payments.
Track every transaction and tax payment using Exactor's online reporting system. Exactor maintains all of the information you will need to reconcile books or provide audit defense.
Store and apply all of your entity exemption certificates for tax-exempt customers in one place, and automatically apply tax-exemptions to transactions.
Correct and verify customer address information to ensure that taxes are calculated accurately and your products get delivered to the correct address.
Calculate and file taxes internationally in over 80 countries.