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Case Study – Internet Service Provider

AdHost Internet is a one-stop Web services provider, delivering complete server collocation along with cutting-edge Web design, customer-friendly e-commerce tools and round-the-clock security and tech support. Everyday, AdHost’s skilled server administrators and Web developers help Seattle-area companies make the most of the Internet—something they’ve done for over a decade. Whether it’s a small or medium-sized business or a big name like Boeing, Big 5 Sporting Goods or the Seattle Space Needle, AdHost’s ecommerce solutions help companies to maximize their ecommerce capabilities — whether it’s selling goods and services, tracking inventory, soliciting fundraising donations, or collecting member dues. They provide the tools their clients need to better connect with customers and create more satisfying relationships.

Until partnering with Exactor, AdHost’s solution to calculate sales tax in their ecommerce software was to provide standard flat rate tables for its merchant customers. Merchant clients had to manually enter into their shopping cart sales tax rates for each state and local agency. This was a cumbersome, labor intensive solution, that required up to 2 hours per state of manual data entry each month. AdHost quickly realized that this was not an ideal solution. Merchant clients oftentimes either failed entirely to update the data accurately, or, even when doing so, complete the task in a timely manner. Furthermore, the flat rate tables did not include additional logic allowing to accurately apply tax thresholds, tax holidays, and different tax rule treatment to different products. AdHost was concerned for its clients that they could face potential liability. They started to research real-time sales tax applications for the ecommerce industry that could address these concerns, and came upon the Exactor solution.

Rex McDowell, AdHost’s Web Development Manager, says that of all the solutions that they reviewed, Exactor came across as the one that would provide the best fit for the company. Exactor’s solution was quick and easy to integrate, and its flexibility allowed AdHost’s tech department to create a system that seamlessly fits with their current platform while still being able to address customer legacy systems for customized environments. Exactor’s hosted solution balances the need of AdHost to provide an accurate sales tax service, a solution that easily and seamlessly integrates for the merchant clients; a solution that has integrated logic to address complex tax rules; a solution that enables their ecommerce solutions to generate accurate tax rates in real time; and all this – a solution with no ongoing maintenance.

McDowell is most impressed by Exactor’s overall customer service. He says that Exactor’s professional team is always “willing to step in and engage the needs of special clients, addressing their questions.” McDowell says that he saw multiple times how Exactor was willing to go the extra mile, to show and help the clients use the system, and if for some reason the system did not provide a solution to an idiosyncratic question – without any hesitation, Exactor proceeded to customize a solution. As a preferred and fully integrated vendor, the Exactor service “has helped AdHost in managing their customer relationships and sustaining their good will.” McDowell also says that “I have dealt with many VARs [Value Added Resellers] and clearly Exactor stands out with its professional and friendly team, and together with its easy to use interface and comprehensive documentation – this is a solution that is easy to recommend to our clients.”
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