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Thanks to Exactor, Sales Tax Collection Doesn’t Take a Toll on TreeFree Mobile

TreeFree Mobile is a startup eBook seller with a soft spot for saving trees. The company’s founders, all literature lovers, set out to create the perfect destination for book fans to discover their next great read while helping to save the planet at the same time. TreeFree Mobile donates a portion of all proceeds to green causes, starting with the Rainforest Foundation.

The Challenge: Finding an Affordable Sales Tax Solution

When the TreeFree Mobile team first launched their new company, they thought they could handle sales tax compliance in-house. But they quickly found that locating a database that accurately captured the constantly changing sales tax rules for nearly 10,000 jurisdictions was extremely difficult, especially for a startup with a limited budget.

“We faced the classic build vs. buy dilemma,” recalls Andre Bertrand, CTO and co-founder of TreeFree Mobile. “Given the number of tax jurisdictions we need to comply with as an online business, it didn’t make sense to build our own sales tax solution, so we started looking for a vendor relationship. We narrowed it down to three companies, and Exactor was clearly the best.”

The Solution: A Fully Automated, End-to-End System that a Startup Can Afford

Bertrand notes that the value Exactor offers is compelling: “Exactor has its eyes and ears on every tax jurisdiction in the US, plus they offer a flexible pricing model that makes sense for a fledgling business and the scalability to handle our sales tax processing as we grow. Exactor is the perfect solution for us.”

Exactor automatically calculates sales tax and use tax in real time without slowing down transactions. It generates online sales tax returns and provides sales tax filing services in all tax jurisdictions and at every level, including state, county, city, local and special district taxes. A dependable partner, Exactor processes billions in sales transactions each year. And the company is there when TreeFree Mobile needs a helping hand.

“The Exactor team is a pleasure to work with,” Bertrand reports. “When we decided to set up separate accounts to accommodate agent transactions for the publishers we work with in different tax districts, the Exactor team helped us customize our accounts so we could process sales taxes seamlessly and accurately.” Bertrand further explains that “Exactor’s technical ability to offer the flexibility of accommodating multiple accounts, where, each account has different tax requirements, but they are all consolidated for reporting and invoicing purposes, further set them apart from the competition. What’s more this highly customized solution was integrated without costing us an arm and a leg. Exactor’s technical support helped us throughout the process, and we could develop a sophisticated ecommerce platform that addressed the needs of large, demanding, publishers, on a shoe-string budget.”

Built for modern ecommerce transactions, Exactor is one of the charter companies certified by Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) since 2006. Leading providers in a range of industries rely on Exactor to deliver reliable, accurate sales tax services to their clients.
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