Commerce Kickstart Sales Tax Compliance

The Exactor sales tax module allows businesses to calculate sales tax by using the module that is fully integrated into the Drupal Commerce & Commerce Kickstart platforms.

The Exactor Drupal Commerce Sales Tax module was developed by Commerce Guys to enable businesses to incorporate and benefit from the Exactor sales tax compliance service within their Commerce Kickstart shopping carts. Once the module is enabled, a user does not need to perform any additional functions to obtain sales taxes. The taxes are calculated and seamlessly displayed in the Commerce Kickstart shopping cart, and because the shopping cart communicates with the Exactor merchant portal, the Exactor system generates tax returns without a merchant having to transfer data from one system to another.

Exactor Commerce Kickstart Sales Tax module features:

  • Reasonable setup and customer service fees
  • NO installation using our fully integrated module – simply enable the Exactor module
  • Complete & accurate calculation of taxes
  • Address Verification Service
  • Transparent to users during ordering
  • Line by line tax calculation for multiple delivery invoices
  • Getting started is quick and easy. Simply enable your Exactor merchant account and you are ready to calculate sales tax.

Exactor would like to take a chance to offer the PinnacleCart Sales Tax module and the Magento Sales Tax extension to integrate the popular shopping carts with the professional sales and use tax compliance service.
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