Spree Commerce Sales Tax Solution

Spree Commerce Sales Tax Software Solution

The Exactor sales tax solution enables online merchants to calculate sales tax with the plug-in that can be easily integrated with the Spree Commerce shopping cart.

The Exactor Spree Commerce sales tax solution lets merchants benefit from the Exactor sales tax compliance software running within their Spree Commerce shopping carts. Once the Exactor merchant account is registered, a merchant can download the Exactor Spree Commerce sales tax plug-in to get it installed and configured in seconds. The taxes are calculated and seamlessly displayed in the Spree Commerce shopping cart. Since the shopping cart communicates with the Exactor merchant portal, the Exactor system generates tax returns, and a merchant doesn’t have to transfer data from one system to another.

Exactor Spree Commerce Sales Tax solution features:

  • Reasonable setup and customer service fees
  • Easy installation using our Spree Commerce User Guide
  • Reliable & accurate calculation of sales tax and Value Added Tax
  • High-demand Address Verification Service
  • Transparent to users on order checkout
  • Taxes are calculated line by line, including multiple delivery orders
  • Installation and configuration is easy – download the Exactor Spree Commerce plug-in from your Exactor merchant account and run through the installation wizard.

Exactor would like to offer the CommerceV3 Sales Tax module and the osCommerce Sales Tax plug-in to get the popular shopping carts integrated with the professional sales and use tax compliance software.
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