eAutomate Sales Tax Solution

eAutomate Sales Tax Solution

eAutomate business management software by ECi provides dealers with fully functional tools to sell and service technology. Accurate sales tax amounts required for every technology sale can be a time and resource consuming activity. The Exactor eAutomate sales tax solution was developed to make it easier for technology dealers to calculate sales taxes from within their eAutomate software when creating or updating sales orders and invoices. Once the Exactor sales tax compliance software is installed and setup, there’s no need to perform any additional activities to get sales tax calculations in real-time.
Upon automatic calculation, sales taxes are seamlessly displayed in sales orders or invoices. Since a sales order or an invoice communicates with the Exactor sales tax service, the Exactor eAutomate sales tax plug-in generates tax returns without any need to transfer data from one system to another. Exactor provides a highly accurate and reliable, end-to-end sales, use, and Value Added Tax solution for businesses of all sizes and verticals.

Exactor eAutomate Sales Tax solution features:

  • Reasonably priced setup and customer service
  • Easy installation using our eAutomate User Manual
  • Quick & accurate calculation of sales taxes
  • Transparent while generating and updating sales orders and invoices
  • Line by line sales tax calculations

Exactor is also happy to offer the Microsoft Dynamics GP sales tax compliance software and the NetSuite sales tax solution to integrate the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system and the NetSuite cloud ERP system with a professional sales and use tax compliance service.
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