Millennium POS Sales Tax Module

Exactor Millennium POS Sales Tax Module

The Exactor Millennium POS module offers businesses the sales tax compliance software within the Millennium POS system. Once the Exactor module is installed and setup, the tax rates are automatically updated into the Millennium tax buckets and sales taxes are calculated real-time. A retailer does not need to be concerned any longer about tracking and updating tax rates into the Millennium system. The Exactor Millennium POS module will also generate and file your tax returns, without you having to take any further action. The Exactor Millennium Sales Tax Compliance service allows you to feel assured that your tax returns accurately reconcile into your Millennium reports.

The Millennium User Guide outlines specific information specifically for installing and using the Exactor Sales Tax Compliance Plug-in in the Millennium system

Exactor Millennium POS Sales Tax module features:

  • Compatible setup and service fees
  • Easy installation and configuration using our Millennium POS User Guide
  • Address Verification Service
  • Complete and accurate reconciliation of sales tax returns with Millennium reports
  • Automatic update of tax rates. No need to track and update tax rates in the Millennium POS system.
  • Automatic generating of tax returns and sales tax filing. No need to file tax returns or remit tax payments.

Exactor would like to offer the Microsoft Dynamics AX POS Sales Tax service and the QuickBooks POS Sales Tax plug-in to integrate the popular POS systems with a professional sales and use tax compliance service.
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