Exactor Sales Tax API

Instructions For Sales Tax Integration With Customized Environments

You are about to view the Exactor Sales Tax API document that outlines the requirements for integrating the Exactor sales tax application into the customized development environments. Please note: the Exactor API document and its content should be treated as confidential information, and may be used for internal review purposes only, for evaluating integration of the Exactor module with your IT systems. If you cannot maintain the confidentiality of this document, and its contents, please do not proceed.

The basic concept of integrating the sales tax service into all kinds of eCommerce platforms, accounting software or POS systems is that a merchant system calls out to the Exactor system to post sales transactions and get back the tax amounts. The method of communication is a simple HTTP POST request, where you send an XML payload (using the Exactor XML schema) containing the transaction data and receive an XML response that contains the tax data.

At the end of each period, Exactor automatically generates the sales tax returns for all of the states where there is sales tax nexus. You can have multiple points of integration where Exactor touches the transaction, such as at the order management system or the Shopping Cart level; the system Invoice level, or bulk uploads etc.
Click to download the Exactor Sales Tax API document. I will treat it as confidential.

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