Setting up your Device AUSkey for online transmissions

Setting up your Device AUSkey for online transmissions

The steps below outline the process of setting up your Device AUSkey as an Online software provider.
Before setting up your Device AUSkey in Access Manager, you must complete the following steps outside of the Access Manager user interface.

  1.  Complete the CAA declaration form. After you complete the declaration form, you will be notified when you have been granted access as an online software provider in Access Manager.
  2.  Register for and install your Device AUSkey If you don’t have a Device AUSkey see how to register for a Device AUSkey
  3.  Submit an initial SBR transaction with your Device AUSkey. To make the Device AUSkey visible in Access Manager, an initial transaction with a new Device AUSkey, through the SBR channel, must be performed. This transaction will likely fail (this is normal). Once this has occurred the Device AUSkey will become visible in Access Manager. See Using Access Manager – Access and permissions
  4.  Login to Access Manager with a user AUSkey (with Administrator privileges).

To enable a Device AUSkey, the software provider will need to;

  1. Click on ‘Online Software provider functions’ in the left hand menu,
  2. Click on a ‘Enabling for securing online transmissions’ checkbox, within the list of AUSKeys and click ‘Save’



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