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Exactor Sales Tax Compliance Solution

Case Study – Nationwide AV Equipment Provider


Exactor Makes Sales and Use Tax Compliance Easy Today for Meeting Tomorrow

Meeting Tomorrow is a leading full-service audio visual technology partner, providing cutting-edge AV services that enable customers nationwide to flawlessly execute meetings and events. The company delivers impressive event technology, custom webcasting production and live event streaming solutions and assistance with live presentations across multiple locations. Meeting Tomorrow makes customers’ events great and event managers’ jobs easier.

The Challenge: Managing a Complex Sales and Use Tax Compliance Operation

As a growing company with customers and shipping operations nationwide, Meeting Tomorrow has a nationwide sales tax nexus – an established presence coast to coast for tax purposes. The company had an outsourced sales tax application that was incomplete, leaving busy Meeting Tomorrow staff to deal with an in-house compliance process that required almost a full week of work each month. This led the company to explore alternate solutions, including Exactor.

“We were interested in registering with the Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) Governing Board, and Exactor was one of the first companies certified by SST, which tests for accuracy and security,” says Anna Morgen, accounting manager at Meeting Tomorrow. “When we reviewed the scope of Exactor’s tax compliance solution, their price proposal seemed almost too good to be true, considering the comprehensive services they deliver.”

The Solution: A Fully Automated System that Reduces Costs and Cuts Time Requirements

To test Exactor’s capabilities, Meeting Tomorrow initially implemented the Exactor sales and use tax software for Texas only and then audited the results: “Exactor’s software solution performed flawlessly,” recalls Morgen. “Not only was Exactor able to process the sales taxes in Texas with zero errors, the Exactor system made it much easier on our end – with our old system, we couldn’t simply upload data for processing, but with Exactor, it was easy.”

An experienced sales tax compliance company, Exactor processes billions in sales transactions each year, and the company soon put that know-how to work for Meeting Tomorrow when the AV experts entrusted Exactor with all of their sales and use tax compliance business. Since 2010, Exactor has been automatically calculating complex sales and rental taxes in real time for Meeting Tomorrow, generating and sales tax filing returns in all tax jurisdictions and levels, including state, county, city, local and special district taxes.

“It would be a serious understatement to say Exactor has made my life easier,” says Morgen. “Compliance tasks that once took me almost a full week of work each month have been trimmed down to less than two hours. It’s a great relief to know that Exactor is calculating sales tax, managing customer sales tax exemption certificates, preparing and filing returns, remitting tax payments and responding to state notices. I no longer have to worry about the cost and time commitment associated with sales and use tax compliance because Exactor handles it for me, and they manage to do it so seamlessly!”

Morgen also appreciates having a single point of contact – an Exactor account manager who has been extraordinarily responsive. The Exactor team worked with Meeting Tomorrow to build a tax matrix and custom codes to handle their complex compliance needs. Exactor also assisted with the transition to a new ordering system, working with Morgen to ensure seamless integration.

“I joke with our sales team that Exactor is this magical thing that automatically calculates sales tax when they save an order because that’s how we view it – Exactor takes all the pain out of sales and use tax compliance,” Morgen says. “I can confidently say that we will never go back to filing our sales tax returns in-house. Exactor has greatly reduced our risks and the costs associated with sales tax compliance – all while freeing up valuable time. It just works!”
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