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Exactor’s ezFile® Sales Tax Compliance Solution provides brick and mortar businesses with a simple, yet effective means of sales tax filing and paying their sales tax returns quickly and securely from a computer or mobile device.

Who Uses ezFile®

ezFile® customers include retailers, restaurants, and service providers that sell products or services onsite at their place of business. They are owners/managers of small to medium sized businesses that want a simple and accurate means of filing and paying their sales taxes as quickly and painlessly as possible so that they can remain focused on running their businesses.

The Process

Exactor ezFile® users receive a notification on their mobile devices at the beginning of each month to let them know that a return is due. A user will open the ezFile® app, where they will be prompted to enter their total sales information. The app will then calculate the taxes owing, and Exactor will proceed to generate and file the tax returns and remit payment. Users are able to file and pay their sales tax returns in a few short minutes without using a pen, writing a check, or using a complex online sales tax filing service.

Benefits of ezFile®

The ezFile® system provides a simple and accurate system and method for filing and paying sales taxes accurately and on time. It is designed for non-technical owners/managers who wish to minimize the time and effort needed to comply with sales taxes. ezFile® eliminates the need for merchants to become tax experts, fill out a single state or local tax form, or even prepare any checks or online payments to the state and local taxing authorities. The service is fully automated and continually updated each month to ensure that the correct sales tax rates are used and latest forms are filed correctly.

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Note that the ezFile® service requires an active Exactor ezFile® account. Sign up for ezFile® account.

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