POS Sales Tax Software Modules

Exactor offers seamless integration of its sales tax modules with the popular POS systems listed below to provide merchants with quick and accurate sales tax calculation in the sales and purchase forms of their POS systems. Sales tax compliance tends to be complicated and painful for merchants, so Exactor is here to automate sales tax calculation and generation of online sales tax returns and let merchants pay more attention to developing their businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics AX POS Sales Tax Service

The Exactor Microsoft Dynamics AX POS Sales Tax service is a great offer for merchants running POS systems to get sales tax calculated both for cash sales and sales orders. Tax calculations are performed from within the Microsoft Dynamics AX POS sales orders and sales receipts that are compiled into tax returns automatically.

Microsoft Dynamics AX POS Sales Tax: view demo videos

Exactor QuickBooks POS Sales Tax Module

The Exactor QuickBooks POS Sales Tax module was developed to help businesses implement sales tax or VAT calculations from within their QuickBooks POS sales orders and invoices. In addition to tax calculation, the Exactor QuickBooks POS sales tax module automatically generates tax returns to provide merchants with US and international filing services.

Millennium POS Sales Tax Solution

The Exactor Millennium POS Sales Tax service was developed for users of Millennium POS system to incorporate tax calculations from within their POS system. Once the Exactor service is connected and configured, a merchant wouldn’t need to complete any additional functions to update sales tax rates and obtain tax amounts for sales orders and sales receipts.

If your POS system isn’t listed above, contact our Sales Team at (800) 851-8226 or Sales.Support@exactor.com. Our professional Sales Specialists will be glad to help you in choosing the best environment-specific solution to let you spend more time growing your business and leave it to Exactor to do the sales tax and/or VAT compliance for you.

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